Withheld Report into State-run Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI), the representative body for private and voluntary nursing homes, has today called upon the HSE to publish a withheld report into State-run nursing homes.

The report, which was partially leaked in July, indicates that only 10 of over 100 public units will meet HIQA’s 2015 physical environment regulatory requirements. The HSE has publicly stated it will cost €1.7 billion to maintain the State’s current level of public sector nursing home provision at 20%.

The call comes as NHI launched an information booklet or those considering nursing home care in a private or voluntary nursing home. The Quality Living, Quality Care document focuses on all aspects of life in private nursing homes and provides advice on financial support to those considering such care.

Quality Living, Quality Care has been launched as part of Nursing Homes Week 2013. It details what type of care people should expect from life in a private and voluntary nursing home. It profiles private and voluntary nursing home life and focusses upon healthcare provision, facilities and services, social and recreational activities, nutritional requirements and complaints procedures within such settings. Quality Living, Quality Care features testimonials from staff working within such settings and residents living within them. Last year 78% of new persons supported by Fair Deal (6,309 people) moved to private and voluntary nursing homes.

Tadhg Daly, CEO of Nursing Homes Ireland, said:

“Today we are launching our Quality Living, Quality Care booklet which offers great advice to people on what they can and should expect from life in private and voluntary nursing homes. NHI members around the country provide high quality specialist care for residents and this important publication will give people an idea as to the type of care and fulfilling life they can expect to lead when they move to such a setting. NHI recognises the move to a nursing home is life changing and can be a daunting experience. This booklet is designed to assist people in making the move and to provide reassurance and comfort to them. It is important to recognise a move to a nursing home opens a whole new world of opportunity that encompasses excellent care, friendship and happiness.”

“I would also like to use this occasion to call on the HSE to publish a critical report into State-run nursing homes which was leaked to the media in July. This report assessed the cost to bring such homes to HIQA 2015 standards and the viability of public nursing homes. I believe it is imperative that there is a measure of transparency with regard to State-run homes and the public are made fully aware of the serious issues that they are facing. This will enable an open debate that will focus upon our requirement to meet the long-term residential care requirements of our ageing population.”

“As Ireland’s old age population grows rapidly, it is vital that the correct infrastructure is in place. NHI members employ 22,000 people and have spent €2 billion upgrading their nursing homes in recent years. Our sector has grown rapidly and with the right support framework and stimulus will continue to expand for the foreseeable future.”