ESRI Report: Projections of Demand for Healthcare in Ireland 2015 – 2030

Nursing Homes Ireland notes publication today, 26th October, by the ESRI of the report Projections of Demand for Healthcare in Ireland, 2015 – 2030. The report confirms the critical role of the nursing home sector in respect of meeting the care requirements of our ageing population as part of a proper functioning health service.
Tadhg Daly, NHI CEO commented: “Today’s report provides further evidence and confirmation if it were needed of the requirement to ensure effective, sustainable planning and the associated resourcing to meet the growing requirement for older person healthcare services. The Government itself has recognised the challenges in sustainability of current nursing home provision and has commissioned a ‘Review of the system for setting nursing home prices under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme’.
This pricing review of Fair Deal was scheduled for completion by 1st June 2017, but publication remains outstanding. We again call upon the Department of Health to immediately publish this pricing review.
While much of the focus from today’s report is likely to be upon the growth in capacity within our health services, it is critical to recognise escalating demand will bring substantial increase in requirement for specialist staff across the entire health and social care system. There is urgent requirement for the State to lead in developing a workforce plan to enable us meet our health and social care needs.
As a society we cannot continue to ignore the evidence and it is incumbent on the State to lead in policy, planning and resourcing, in partnership with all stakeholders. We reiterate our call for immediate publication of NTPF’s review of the Fair Deal pricing mechanism.”