Beaumont Residential Care Coronavirus Update, 28 March 2020

Just a brief note to again thank families for your continued support and understanding at this difficult time. Your kind messages are very much appreciated.

Overall, residents are bearing up very well, helped by the steady increase in families’ phoning and your sending in letters, texts, and cards.

We will continue to facilitate calls on WhatsApp if requested though, importantly, this would need to be set up ahead of time with nursing staff (eg afternoons are quieter than mornings). Please send all emails and general enquiries to and WhatsApp messages/texts to the BRC mobile phone on 087 6072823.

It is absolutely critical we do everything we can to keep the Covid-19 virus outside of the home and, given that the majority of transmissions are now community spread, we are today stepping up restrictions further. All visits to the home are stopped until further notice.

As members of Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI), rest assured we continue to liaise on a daily basis with the health authorities and seek their advice where necessary.

Taking such measures at this time will hopefully result in much improved outcomes for your loved ones and staff.

Stay safe,

Kieran & Fiona O’Brien