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Prospective residents may apply to the HSE for part funding under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme (Fair Deal) which provides financial support for people who need long-term nursing home care (see Application Form and Information Booklet under Links section). Under the Fair Deal Scheme, qualifying residents will make a contribution towards the cost of your care and the State will pay the balance. This applies whether the nursing home is public, private or voluntary – it’s the resident’s choice. Ideally, an application should be made well in advance of admission to the home and details on entitlements should be discussed directly with the HSE.

Beaumont Residential Care’s weekly room charge for residents participating in the Fair Deal scheme is currently set at €1,045 per week plus a further €40-45 per week nursing home service charge, making a total weekly charge of €1,085 (€1,090 for East Wing residents). Our corresponding charge for residents not participating in the Fair Deal scheme is €1,165 to €1,270 per week depending on assessed care needs. The rate for short term convalescent and respite care is €1,200 per week.

Importantly, the full cost of the room will be invoiced to the resident monthly in advance (on the 1st day of every month) with credit for “HSE monies to come” if applicable shown on a separate attached statement. As long as HSE funding remains in place the resident’s ongoing monthly contribution will be as agreed with the HSE, plus the nursing home service charge (see Nursing Homes Ireland’s guide on nursing home charges, Nursing Home Charges for Fair Deal Residents, July 2017. Any change to the resident’s funding arrangements must be communicated to the nursing home at least one month in advance.

BRC’s weekly fee above includes the following services and facilities:
• Bed & Board
• Nursing and personal care appropriate to the level of care needs of the person
• Bedding
• Laundry Service
• Basic aids and appliances necessary to assist a person with the activities of daily living
• Social Programmes such as Activities

For the avoidance of doubt, the fee does not include:
• Newspapers
• Physiotherapy
• Incontinence Wear (currently reimbursed separately by the HSE for most residents)
• Chiropody
• Dry cleaning
• Ophthalmic and dental services
• Transport (including accompanying care assistant costs if necessary)
• Specialised wheelchairs
• Hairdressing and other similar services
• Non-GMS medicines & dressings
• Medical Oxygen on a long term basis (separate contract should be set up with the HSE)